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yousayanything's Journal

J-rock Penpals
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          DON'T BE AFRAID

The talked-about party is going on like that.

"I dunno what I should talk about."

some of you say so,

but dont worry.

if it is happening, we talk to you.

"Sorry for being in line so many times to shake hands"

some of you say so,

but dont worry.

we are so glad to have more time to be in touch with you.

and those adults watching over us are so happy in maaaany ways.

Yes, we are all HAPPY@

/ Maya (LM.C)


一 Please don't share public information (adress/name) in the entry. Send those by e-mail or PM.

二 Be serious about this. Don't ask for peoples names or adresses without the intention to penpal.

三 This is a penpal community. Penpal means to send snail-mails across the world. Don't make sales/news posts, and note that we're not a friending meme. Of course, if you want LJ friends as well, you can say so. Please ask for the mods approval before posting advertisments.

四 If your application is really long or contain large pictures, please put the in-deep information/pictures behind a cut.

五 You don't have to use the mall. You can actually just write whatever you want. But if you use the mall, post it in the HTML tab.


一 If you want to get to know the person on msn/lj before you start penpaling, please write so.

二 Don't just write what bands you like. If you like to read fanfiction about the band, write that. If you like make fanvideos, write that. If you like a certain member/paring the most, write that. We know you probably like them for their music, first and foremost. But having common interests about the music makes it easier to connect.

三 Check other applications as well! Someone might have the same interests as you do, and if you want to penpal them, just leave them a reply saying so!



nyappyfox is the queen of everything. With crown and "CUT OF THEIR HEADS and deadpan comments, she's taking over the world, one country after another. Going by Pan, she doesn't really work much, but she has an mysterius power in making anyone else work. For her. She also likes J-POP. Beware.
Responisble for spamming other communitiespimpin', keeping rabid fangirls at bay with Rukis pointy green shoes and eating cake.

mytwopaws, or Zat is the hard-working messy-brained flower of us two. She always have a ton ton ton of things she should do (but probably never does), and she loves it. She makes graphics, makes new graphics, complain over her graphics, make new graphics, and curl up in a corner over how she still doesn't like them. She's the one generally taking care of everything and nothing.


cartoonnews is our sister J-POP penpal site!
candylemons is mytwopaws j-rock dump.


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